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There is no doubt, Tor Project is an awesome and free service that lets you surf the web anonymously. However, you never know who is behind a public Tor server and there are possibilities that private agencies may spy all the activity of a public Tor server, to log the IP address and the activity of the users. Also a VPN may do this as it may be required by the law, but not all VPN services have obligations to completely track your activity.

Tor vs VPN

There are VPN services that log only the date and time of when you use their service. Take in mind that if you are thinking to use Tor Project or a VPN for illegal activities, you may be localised in both cases. Find below a comparative analysis between Tor Project and a premium VPN provider, based on my personal opinions:

You are guaranteed to be 100% anonymous online Error Error
Free to use, no need to pay anything Check Error
Completely open source and free software Check Error
Supports Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Android Check Check
Anonymizes web browsers, instant messengers, and more Check Check
Helps users access the uncensored Internet Check Check
Ability to spoof your country location Check Check
Fast bandwidth available, good download/upload speed Error Check
Easily select your virtual country of origin Error Check
You know who manages the "anonymous" servers Error Check
Ideal for P2P file sharing software (Torrent, eMule, etc) Error Check
You are safe to enter sensitive information Error Check

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